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Available options: engraved Logo & tinted deflector.
ConvertibleDeflector offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty against material defects. No fine print, no "legalese".
Wind deflector extends your top down driving season by as much as 60 extra days.  Wind back draft is reduced by up to 95%, which nearly eliminates wind buffeting and turbulence in the interior of the car. With a wind deflector it will keep the wind down and you looking great. Our deflectors perfectly hug the curves of your car. It allows to keep the hot/cold air coming from the heater/air conditioner inside. You will be able to enjoy a longer driving experience in your convertible by starting earlier in the spring and finishing later in the fall. You will quickly notice its effectiveness regarding the reduction of the sound level : it easily allows conversation with your passenger, on your mobile phone or simply enjoy the sound of your stereo. The absence of turbulence in the cockpit also reduces the unwanted movement of hair.
They are made of polycarbonate (Lexan) of very high quality (6mm - 1/4 inch) thickness, in order to assure durability and stability at high speed. The CNC cut-out allows having a high standard of quality. The edges of each delfector are rounded with a complete radius of bullnose edges, assuring an ultra smooth finish. Moreover, the bullnose edges make the deflector more aesthetic and more resistant in its most vulnerable part : the edges.

What is the bullnose edges ? The bullnose edges is used to provide a smooth, rounded edge without sharp edge. The bullnose edges is much more aesthetic, but also more resistant to the elements. The radius distributes the shock (the force) of an impact on a greater surface, thus avoiding being chipped, which would have been the result for a deflector with regular sharp edges.

Three colors are available for the manufacture of your deflector : clear or black smoke. For more details, refer to our available pricing list for each make of vehicule. You can also personalise your deflector by engraving a standard. These options are engraved, assuring you precision and sharpness of the details. 


Customize the look of your vehicle the way you want from invisible to the teinted logo
Eliminates the noise of the wind and turbulence
Fully allows enjoying the quality of the stereo
Talk freely with your passenger without having the need to raise your voice
Reduces the ambient sound when you have a conversation over the phone (mobile)
Reduce the tiresomeness of being constantly harassed by the wind
Keeps the hot/cold air inside the car (cockpit)
Reduces the hair movement


Increased comfort
Can be installed and uninstalled in few seconds *
The installation requires no tools *
Preserves the original aspect of the car (no perforation required) *
Easily cleanable
The seats can be positioned unhindered
Allows to open and close the roof, with the deflector in place

* For modifications and extra tools necessary that may demand a few more seconds, please refer to our available description for each model.


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